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Laser Engraving Basics

What materials can be laser engraved?
All engineering metals, including heat treated tool steel, Graphite & Copper.

How does the laser work?
It vaporises the surface on contact of the material face.

Can we laser on coloured Anodised parts?
Yes, revealing the material colour in contrast to the anodised layer.

What type of laser engraving can we do?
From mould tooling to surfacing marking for identification.

Can you laser over welded areas?
Yes but after polishing. Pot marks will appear if the welding is not up to a high standard.

What surface finish does lasering give?
Generally around 27 VDI but smoother finishes can be achieved.

What artwork information do we need for 2D Laser engraving?
2D DXF outline file required, other formats such as JPEG, IGES, DWG, AI, Bitmap, CorelDraw & PDF files can be accepted but artwork charges will be incurred.

What artwork information do we need for 3D Laser engraving?
STL file. Must be a closed STL of the 3D logo only.

How long does it take?
Maximum 3 day turnaround for majority of projects but a lot quicker on smaller projects.

Can texturing be done by laser?
Yes, various patterns.

What do I need to supply to get a quotation?
Quantity required, Material type, the depth & drawing with sizes of graphic.

Can we laser on 3D forms?
In most cases, Yes but further project information will be required.

Will we laser your part for sampling purposes?
Most certainly.

What true type fonts do we have?
We have a lot of the main fonts in our library, if not you can email the True Type font to us.

Can we laser cut or drill?
Unfortunately not, different type of laser required.

Can copper or graphite electrodes be lasered?
Yes, both male & female.

How does the laser position my graphic / artwork?
Using the laser guidance beams or X, Y readout on the 2D Lasers & a touch probe on the 3D Laser.

The versatility of laser engraving

  • Original artwork can be supplied and converted from a number of digital formats, including DXF, DWG, and JPEG.
  • Deep engraving on the mould tool face.
  • Internal cavity work.
  • Hard anodising and heat-treated tool steel can be lasered.
  • Majority of engineering materials can be surfaced etched or deep engraved.
  • Day/Night marking.
  • Ideal for serial numbering or security identification.
  • Non-contact process.
  • Accessible to areas where conventional cutting tools/EDM methods have difficulties.
  • Constant communication with the customer during the project.

Customer Confidentiality

3D Lasertec Ltd employ strict policies on customer confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive information regarding your company and projects are protected.

We appreciate that within many industries confidentiality is essential and we take every care to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the level of privacy you experience when working with us.